UFO and Consciousness, a “new Ufology” at stake ?

“ Want to better understand the UFO phenomenon? Think "Atom" and "Consciousness" " argues Fabrice Bonvin, psychologist and MUFON Director for Switzerland. "These are the two entry points to access the UFO realm".

While the recent multiple UFO sightings of so-called "drones" over French nuclear installations help to build the case of a strong correlation between UFOs and «atom», many researchers are still ignorant of the fundamental role of consciousness in the UFO phenomenology.

A thorough review of UFO cases, from the whole spectrum of CE I to CE IV, indicates that whatever or whoever is behind the UFO phenomenon, it connects to, plays with and impacts the witness's consciousness. Sensory deprivation, telepathy and upload of information in the witness’s brain, false memory or paralysis induction are some of the effects of UFO on consciousness.

“You need also to consider the fact that UFO experiences have had a profound and long-lasting effect on thousands of witnesses’ worldviews and values” adds Bonvin. “This impact is not explicit, it’s often hidden. This might explain why the significance of the UFO-Consciousness connection is yet to be recognized as it deserves to be”. Nevertheless, over the last decades, some well-known researchers such as Dr. Jacques Vallee, Dr. John Mack, Dr. Rick Strassman, Dr. John Alexander, Graham Hancock or lately Grant Cameron, have stressed this connection.

They have done so, but always from their own single, unique perspective. "Because consciousness is key in the UFO experience, I looked for competencies and expertise in order to assemble them in a book – a book that would become a reference book on the UFO/Consciousness relations. And it was not an easy task," comments Bonvin.

An unprecedented initiative, the very challenging task consisted in confronting one of the biggest enigma of mankind  - Consciousness -   with one of the biggest mystery ever – UFOs. "To succeed, I quickly realized that this would require a multidisciplinary approach, with a philosopher, a physicist, a psychologist and exceptional UFO thinkers". After a few months, a team of multidisciplinary experts was established with Dr. Philippe Guillemant, CNRS physicist, Dr. Philippe Solal, INSA professor of philosophy, Jean-Jacques Jaillat, philosopher, Romuald Leterrier, ethno-botanist and finally Daniel Robin and Eric Zurcher, UFO investigators and historians. "With two additional experiencers and my expertise as psychologist", explains Bonvin, "we covered all angles of the UFO/Consciousness enigma".

With a total of nine authors ranging from experiencers' accounts to the physicist's interpretation of  Quantum Information theory, the book reaches startling conclusions:  "What we consider as our reality is not what it seems. Our idea about "Time" is wrong. It’s all about «Information" " sums up Fabrice Bonvin. The UFO phenomenon has the ability to crack the code of our reality and consciousness plays a fundamental role into this. This is a new paradigm for a new ufology".

While the book "OVNIs & Conscience" will be in store in April 2015, the supporting website www.ovniconscience.com will open virtual workshops as of September 2015 – anyone is welcome to enroll and join experts to start solving the UFO/Consciousness enigma in light of the new book’s paradigm.